Thermal Resistance

Insulated Kingspan sandwich panels with cores made of rigid polyurethane foam show excellent and almost constant thermal insulation properties over their full service life.

Structural and thermal specification of the panel joints:

  • when correctly installed, the system guarantees complete gas and vapour tight seal (thus enabling the system to be used in rooms with controlled atmospheres)
  • ensures the absence of air gaps in the panel structure
  • reduces thermal loss (gain), thus cutting down the operational costs of the cooling process.

The thermal insulation and structural properties and the wide range of panel thicknesses enables the panels to be used for all types of applications (chill, deep-freeze and food processing) which require a controlled temperature environment (“box in box” assembly).
On buildings with external roof and wall envelope, the exterior face of the panels are exposed to direct sunlight especially during the summer season.
Therefore the temperature of the panel surface rises and it can reach between 55 °C to 80 °C dependent on the colour of the panel. This causes a large heat gradient between the exterior and interior face of the panel, which must be taken into account in the thermal design of the building. Such a large heat gradient also implies significant stress within the sandwich panel, which must be taken into account when designing the load-bearing structure of the panel. It is recommended that the designer seeks professional advice from Kingspan when designing such a building.
The processes of cooling or thawing large amounts of food stored in air-tight rooms causes considerable changes in pressure due to the expansion/ contraction of the inner atmosphere. Such changes can cause damage or, with self-contained boxes, even the collapse of the insulated box system.
Therefore, especially with buildings run at negative temperatures, compensatory pressure valves have to be installed into the wall or ceiling of the jacket. The dimensions and number of the valves shall be determined by a specialist designer.

“Kingspan systems provide certainty of specification and construction performance over the building’s lifetime”

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