Material Specification

Steel Substrate Options

  • The steel used for the skin of the panels conforms to EN 10147 and has a guaranteed minimum yield strength of 320 MPa.
  • Hot-dip zinc coated with a total of 275 g/m2 of zinc. This can be finished with a number of coatings – polyester, PVDF, Plastisol and Plastisol Foodsafe.
  • Galvalloy (hot-dip coated with eutectic alloy of approx. 95% Zn, 5% Al and other elements) for coated steel HPS200 only.
  • Galvatite (hot-dipped) for coated steel Celestia only.

Substrate thickness

  • External skin: 0.50 – 0.70 mm
  • Internal skin: 0.40 – 0.60 mm
  • Other thicknesses can be supplied subject to discussion with Kingspan.

External Coating Options

  • Plastisol 150 µm – Foodsafe
  • Plastisol 150 µm – Foodsafe is chemically inert and safe for continuous contact with unpacked foodstuff.

Standard Polyester (PES)

The standard surface used for manufacturing sandwich panels is a 25 micrometre (nominal thickness) polyester coating system with medium term life for worldwide use.


PVDF has a smooth, 25 micrometre (nominal thickness) coating system which offers excellent colour stability. The standard colour range includes metallic silver. Whilst PVDF offers good corrosion resistance in most environments worldwide, its durability is generally less than that of HPS 200.

HPS200 (by Corus)

HPS200 is a premier painted architectural product, tested in the laboratory and on site in severe climates, for use worldwide. Its tought, 200 micrometre (nominal thickness) coating system has the unigue Scintilla finish and is available in bright or subtle hues, providing architects with an wide palette of colours.

Plastisol 200 µm

200 micron Plastisol is a 200 micrometre thick high performance plastisol coating system with leather grain finish.

Celestia (by Corus)

Celestia is a metallic-finish cladding steel with 120 micrometre (nominal thickness) high performance plastisol coating. The standard product has a high-performance polyester coating on the reverse side. The metallic finish captures light and movement, giving depth and life to cladding surface.

Internal Coating Options

Steel for the internal surface is coated with a polyester PES 15 micrometre (nominal thickness) coating system for standard use. This is a medium life term system which, being for internal use only, is independant of the site location external environment.

  • Plastisol 150 µm – Foodsafe
  • Plastisol 150 µm – Foodsafe is chemically inert and safe for continuous contact with unpacked foodstuff.

Insulation Core

The standard panel core is made from closed cell rigid polyurethane foam (PUR) which is CFC and HCFC free and meets non-deleterous specifications.

Panel Joint Sealing

The panel joints provide excellent thermal insulation air tightness and comply with the strict requirements of chill and coldstore plants. The joints can accommodate upto four types of seals for fire resistance, air and steam tightness, hygiene safe regulations and for thermal conductivity.
For external cladding application the external panel joint incorporate an anti-condensation weather strip which is applied during production or site installation.

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