KS1000 RW zidni panel

Oblasti primjene

KS1000 RW je trapezoidni zidni panel koji koristi Vidljivi spoj pričvršćivanja i pogodan je za sve tipove objekata, a naročito one projekte gdje se zahtijeva visoka profilacija kao traženi izgled. KS1000 RW zidni panel je također u širokoj upotrebi kao krovna obloga.

Dužine panela

Standardne dužine panela su od 2000 mm do 14500 mm. Za panele kraće od 2000 mm i duže od 14500 mm, molimo kontaktirajte: Kingspan odjeljenje tehničke usluge.

Sendvič paneli, Zidni paneli KS1000 RW

Izbor karakteristika proizvoda

Sendvič paneli, Zidni paneli KS1000 RW

Debljina ispune (mm) 25 40 50 60 70 80 100 120
k vrijednost (W/m²K) 0.77 0.50 0.41 0.35 0.30 0.26 0.21 0.18
Težina (kg/m2)
obloga 0.5/0.4 mm
9.34 9.94 10.34 10.74 11.14 11.54 12.34 13.14


Galvanic protection options

  1. Hot-dip zinc coated steel with a total of 275g/m2 of zinc, according to EN 10147:2000. This can be finished with a number of coating - polyester, PVDF, Plastisol and Foodsafe finishes.
  2. Galvatite coated steel in accordance with EN 10147, for Celestia finishes.
  3. Galvalloy (hot-dip coated with eutectic alloy of approx. 95% Zn, 5% Al and other elements) in accordance with EN 10214 for coated steel HPS200.

Substrate thicknesses

  • Standard external sheet thickness 0.50 mm.
  • Standard internal sheet thickness 0.40 mm.
  • Other thicknesses are available by arrangement with Kingspan.

External Coating Options

1. Standard Polyester – PES

Polyester is a universal, economic coating system suitable for exterior and interior applications. The nominal coating thickness is 25 µm.


PVDF offers unequalled colour and gloss retention and good corrosion resistance. The nominal coating thickness is 25 µm. It can be used in climates with extremely high UV radiation combined with extreme temperatures and relative humidity. The standard colour range includes metallic silver.

3. HPS200 (by Corus)

HPS200 is a premium architectural coating system, tested in the laboratory and on site in severe climates, for use worldwide. Its tough, 200 m (nominal thickness) coating has the unique Scintilla finish and is available in bright or subtle hues, providing architects with an extensive palette of colours.

4. Plastisol 200 µm

Plastisol is a high performance coating system with a grain finish and a nominal thickness of 200 µm. Typical properties of Plastisol are excellent abrasion, high corrosion resistance, excellent flexibility and therefore very good scratch resistance.

5. Celestia (by Corus)

Celestia is a metallic-finish cladding steel with a 120 µm (nominal thickness) high performance Plastisol coating. The standard product has a high performance polyester coating on the reverse side. The metallic finish captures light and movement, giving depth and life to the cladding surfaces.

Internal Coating Options

1. Polyester

Polyester coating with a nominal thickness of 15 µm. The standard colour is grey white, (similar RAL 9002).

2. Lining enamel

Lining enamel with a nominal thickness of 22 µm with a white finish.

3. Foodsafe

The surface of this 150 µm thick polymer coating is non-toxic and resistant to mould, durable and easy to clean. It is chemically inert and safe for continuous contact with unpacked food. The standard colour is white. Consult Kingspan about the availability of other colours.
Other coating systems are available by discussion with Kingspan.


Rigid polyurethane closed-cell foam is the standard insulating core used. It is made to a non-deleterious specification and is CFC/HCFC free.





Plain and coloured aluminium is available on a project specific basis. Contact Kingspan Technical Services.

Seals and Fillers

Side lap

All side laps to be sealed along the full length by an unbroken bead of PVC self –adhesive sealant tape (factory applied)or Butyl sealing tape (site applied).
Vapour seal-if it required(site applied)

End Lap

All end laps (cill,windows,doors) be sealed along full width using PE self-adhesive sealant tape- 10x3(10x4)-site applied (see construction details)


Junctions between the roof panel system / wall panel system and all gaps filled with gun applied canister PUR foam. Internal face of panel to be air sealed along the full length by PE self- adhesive sealant tape 9 x 3 mm.
Self-adhesive sealant tape PE 20x5mm to be continously applied between panel and steel support only at locations where the internal junction reguires sealing. (see construction details)


Thermal Insulation

Panel Thickness

U value (W/m2K)


HCFC Free = 0.022
















Kingspan insulated sandwich panels are immune to attack from mould, fungi, mildew and vermin. No urea formaldehyde is used in the construction, and the panels are non-deleterious.


KS1000 RW insulated sandwich panels have been tested and approved and comply with National Building Regulations and standards.

Panel Thickness (mm) Fire rating


All KS1000 RW panels have a single figure weighted sound reduction Rw= 25 dB.

Packing and Delivery


Standard packing – road transportation

KS1000 RW panels are stacked weather side to weather side (to minimise palette height). The top, bottom, sides and ends are protected with foam and timber packing and the entire palette is wrapped in plastic.
The number of panels in each pack depends on panel thickness and length. The table below is shown as a guide. Quantities are reduced for exceptionally long panels. Typical palette height is 1,100 mm.
Maximum palette weight is 3,500 kg.

Panel core thickness (mm) 25 40 50 60 70 80 100 120
Number of panels in package 23 17 15 13 11 9 7 6


All deliveries (unless indicated otherwise) are by road transport to project site. Off loading is the responsibility of the client.

Structural Tables

KS1000 RW ROOF SYSTEM – LOAD SPAN TABLE – (kN/m2) max. sag L/100

Sendvič paneli, Zidni paneli KS1000 RW

Sendvič paneli, Zidni paneli KS1000 RW


  • The calculation have been made in accordance with the European Recommendations for Sandwich Panels (ECCS-CIB 257-2000)
  • The table contains allowed characteristic values of live load for given span.
  • Consult with Kingspan for the table values of other profiles, as well as dark colours.
  • Allowed deflection considered in the table values is L/100. If required otherwise, special calculation must be made.
  • The table is to be applied for short-time live loads (for instance wind load) and consideres the influence of common winter and summer temperatures valid for Central Europe. If other type of loading is applied (long-term load, thermal load in cold store etc.), special calculation must be made.
  • The minimum support width is amin = 40 mm (end support), bmin = 80 mm (intermediate support) . It has been determined assuming one screw of 6.3mm diameter is used for the support width. If arranged otherwise, this width is to be adjusted accordingly.
  • The above-mentioned calculations apply to panels with standard steel skin strength specification of the fy=320 MPa.
Site Instalation
Wall System Installation Procedure

Wall panels horizontally laid

  • Fixing always starts at the lowest panel ensuring that the sill flashing and panel bearers (at max. 1.5 m centres) are level. Sit the panel on the bearers and fix the top edge to the rails using 1 or 2 fasteners depending on panel span and wind loading.
  • Sit the second panel on the tongue of the first, ensuring the ends are correctly aligned and sealed, and the joint width is parallel. Fix the panel to the steelwork as before. The side joint contains a factory applied seal and no further sealing is required.
  • Continue the same procedure to the top of the wall, cutting the top panel along its length if necessary. The top edge of the top panel must be fixed to the steelwork at 500 mm centres maximum.
  • Where through fasteners are used at panel ends or edges, at corners or around doors, windows etc, they should be concealed by a flashing, to maintain a secret fix appearance.

Wall panels vertically laid

  • Ensure the bottom rail is permanently or temporarily supported, and level, along its full length before starting installation.
  • Fix the sill flashing to the bottom rail, ensuring it is straight and level.
  • Position the first panel with the groove side at a corner, making sure it is vertical before installing. Use concealed fasteners at the tongue edge and through fasteners at the corner. Use either 1 or 2 fasteners at each position depending on the panel span and wind loading.
  • Engage the side of the second panel into the tongue of the fixed panel, making sure the joint is parallel and consistent for the full height of the panel. Install fasteners into the leading edge at each rail position, using the specified number of fasteners.
  • Continue until the wall is completed.
  • Where necessary, panels can be cut down their length at openings and corners. In this case through fasteners must be used, but these should be concealed by the flashings/trims.

Flashings / Trims

Flashings and trims must be carefully fixed, ensuring they are aligned, correctly sealed and their edges are straight and not distorted. (See construction details).

Sendvič paneli, Zidni paneli KS1000 RW



Kingspan insulated sandwich panels are manufactured from the highest quality materials, using state of the art production equipment to rigorous quality control standards, complying with ISO9001:2000 standards, ensuring long term reliability and service life.

Building Regulations

Kingspan KS1000 RW insulated sandwich panels conform to the National Building Regulations and standards.

Guarantees & Warranties

Kingspan will provide external coating and product guarantees on a project by project basis.

Certification Reference

Fastener Selector

Fastener Selection – SFS intec

Product: STEEL – KS1000 RW Wall System, Fixing position: VALLEY (16 mm diameter sealing washer)

Sendvič paneli, Zidni paneli KS1000 RW

Sendvič paneli, Zidni paneli KS1000 RW

Product: CONCRETE – KS1000 RW Wall System, Fixing position: VALLEY (19 mm diameter sealing washer)

Sendvič paneli, Zidni paneli KS1000 RW

Product: TIMBER – KS1000 RW Wall System, Fixing position: VALLEY (19 mm diameter sealing washer)

Sendvič paneli, Zidni paneli KS1000 RW

Fastener Selection – EJOT

Product: STEEL – KS1000 RW Wall System, Fixing position: VALLEY (16 mm diameter sealing washer)

Sendvič paneli, Zidni paneli KS1000 RW
Sendvič paneli, Zidni paneli KS1000 RW

Product: CONCRETE – KS1000 RW Wall System, Fixing position: VALLEY (16 mm diameter sealing washer)

Sendvič paneli, Zidni paneli KS1000 RW

Fastener Selection – EJOT

Product: TIMBER – KS1000 RW Wall System, Fixing position: VALLEY (19 mm diameter sealing washer)

Sendvič paneli, Zidni paneli KS1000 RW
Sendvič paneli, Zidni paneli KS1000 RW


Standard Details

Recommended Fastener Locations
Side End Lap Detail
Gable Detail
Side Wall Parapet Detail
Gable Wall Parapet Detail
Eaves Detail
Panel to Panel Junction
Roof to Wall Junction
Corner Detail
Concrete Wall Cill
Plastic Window – Head
Plastic Window
Plastic Door – Head
Plastic Door – Jamb
Roller Shutter Door
Wall Junction
Window Layouts

Gallery/case studies

How new insulated panel technology is changing the face of building design

New developments in insulation core technology mean that insulated panel systems now significantly exceeds older, ‘built-up’ construction methods for architects looking to create without compromise. Insulated panels offer almost unlimited different design combinations, while also delivering the thermal performance, long-term guarantees, speed and ease of build and environmental credentials that architects, and their customers, are looking for.

All of these benefits have driven increased demand from architects for insulated panels.

Design flexibility

Perhaps the biggest factor driving increased architectural use of insulated panel technology has been the availability of new design options. New finishes, colours, orientations and profiles mean that architects now have millions of different combinations available to the them to achieve the finish they want. When combined with the enhanced performance of panel technology, detailed below, this means that architects no longer have to sacrifice their design freedom to achieve superior building functionality.


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