Coldstore Box Components

Consumers today take fresh food for granted. Strict EU directives determine the requirements for the protection of food at controlled temperatures on their way from manufacturers to consumers.
To meet these requirements Kingspan have
developed a range of cold box components suitable for construction of small size cold storage boxes for local retail and distribution use, including shops, pizza huts, restaurants, hotels, health care facilities, etc.
The cold store box is assembled from a range of component parts supplied by Kingspan and is designed and constructed by specialist cold store system constructors.
The Kingspan Cold store box facilitates rapid assembly, reduces energy operation costs and provides precise temperature controlled internal environment for storage of goods.

For project specific technical service support contact: +420 800 119 911

Kingspan supplies all the necessary components for a standard module cold store box:

  • Insulated sandwich PUR panels cut to required dimensions
  • Wide range of cooling and refrigerator doors including frame
  • Inside corner and hygienic strips
  • Sealing and connecting components

More demanding requirements can be met by thicker PUR panels and door systems manufactured in stainless steel. Cold Store box sets are manufactured in the following nominal dimensions:
(length x width x height)

  • min. 2 m (max 6 m) x min. 2 m (max. 6 m) x min. 2,2 m (max.2,4)

All other dimensional requirements and other issues can be discussed with our Sales department.
For installation, Kingspan can supply contact details of proven specialists from the cooling and refrigerator industry.

Coldstore Box Components

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